Installing Snow Leopard 10.6.8 with a Asus P5N-D Motherboard

*** Things you will need ***
1) A working Mac/Hackintosh
2) At least 2 (3 would be best) 8GB USB keys
3) Snow Leopard Install (Vanilla, iAtkos S3)
4) Patience and a basic understanding of Mac OS X

*** Probably the oddest install method you'll see ***
1) from your working system setup your first USB key with your install (I used iAtkos S3 at the time)
2) Boot your working system to your install USB
3) Format your second USB key as GUID and Mac OS Extended (journaled)
4) Select your install options
  4a) if using iAtkos install with Chameleon RC5, 32-bit boot, /Extra directory, FakeSMC, Disabler, RTC, EVO Reboot, NForce SATA/IDE, Voodoo HDA, NForce (under network>wired)
5) After the install boot back to your working install and use the OS X Combo update 10.6.8 on the second USB key
  *) I mainly did this because at the time I was unable to install combo updates with the old NForceATA kext.
6) Go to your P5N-D system and boot up your install USB
7) Go to disk utility and then restore from the second USB key to your hard drive (formatted properly)
8) After the restore is done reboot and remove the USB keys
9) At Chameleon type maxmem=3072 if you have more than 3GB of ram
10) you should be booting into the setup for Snow Leopard

*** After installing Snow Leopard ***
1) Grab imp's version of AppleNForceATA.kext from here and place it in /Extra/Extensions replacing the old one.
2) change your arch to X86_64 from i386 in your
3) Finish setting up the rest of your system (Graphics card mostly)

*** Preping to upgrade to Lion from Snow Leopard ***
1) Restore the BaseSystem.dmg to a USB key
2) Copy the Packages folder from InstallESD.dmg to System/Installation/ on your USB key
3) Install Chameleon RC5 752 from here on your USB key
4) Copy your /Extra folder to your USB key (You don't need the Themes folder)
5) Copy these files from InstallESD.dmg to the root of your USB key
  5A) .disk_label, boot.efi, kernelcache, mach_kernel, MacOSX_Media_Background.png
6) Put the modified OSInstall.pkg from here into System/Installation/Packages on your USB key

*** Upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion ***
1) Restart and boot to the USB key (found I ran into problems letting chameleon on my SL install boot it)
2) Upgrade over your Snow Leopard

*** Issues I ran into ***
1) after my first boot into Lion after the upgrade I got stuck after the DSMOS arrived
  1A) For this I rebooted my Lion key and repaired permissions on my install
2) Booting got a bit further but stalled again (can't remember the line, sorry)
  2A) To fix this oddly I redid the upgrade and all was well

*** Current issues ***
1) Random freezes, completely and totally random, no idea why
2) Shutdown and reboot don't work for me (Most likely I don't have the right kexts)
3) Sleep may not be working, I never use it so I've never tested it

I think that's it really. Here is a list of the kexts I'm using (I may miss a few by accident)